Top 5 Reasons To Own a Puny Dog
We've always had decent sized canines (with the exception of our cocker spaniel, Mel.) .  This is the first time we took a chance on a diminutive model - a Pekingese named Spencer.  I'll never go back.  Here's 5 reasons why.
Living With A Cocker Spaniel And A Pekingnese
I'm not sure how long you've been a WGNA blog-reader (and we appreciate it, by the way), but back in late December I wrote about an argument I had with my wife about getting a second dog. If you don't feel like clicking on that, I'll summarize here.  I lost.
No New Puppy For New Years
My wife and I have been having an ongoing discussion about getting another puppy. Depending on what side of the discussion one falls on, it's going well or not so well.