My wife and I have been having an ongoing discussion about getting another puppy. Depending on what side of the discussion one falls on, it's going well or not so well.

(Continuing a past conversation with my lovely wife, Dorrie)

Richie: So as I was saying, the conversation is DONE--OVER!  We have a well behaved cocker spaniel already and a cat who does what he wants 'cuz he's a cat.   That's plenty. We don't need another pet.  Period!

Dorrie: OK, honey.  We've been married almost 25 years, and I've learned the hard way that there's one person here who sets the tone, who rules the roost, sort of speak, and there'd be no reason to upset the applecart now, right?

Richie: Uhhhhh....well, ummmm (as he walks into the kitchen)

Richie: Uyyyee Veeeyyyyee...

Alright---I'll admit it.  He's cute.. but he looks like one of those battery operated dogs you see outside of Spencer Gifts at the mall.

Dorrie:  So be it, then.   He shall be named SPENCER.

Richie:  Right.  Spencer!  PERIOD!  End of conversation!!