This warning is for all dog,  hamster or bird owners.  (Cats don't care, they'll just ignore you).  But seriously, this is an actual warning from the Journal of Animal Ethics.

  According to the British publication The Globe and, this new report from a respected animal journal states that:

“Domestic dogs, cats, hamsters or budgerigars should be rebranded as ‘companion animals’ while owners should be known as ‘human carers,’ they insist. Even terms such as wildlife are dismissed as insulting to the animals concerned -- who should instead be known as ‘free-living,’ the academics, including an Oxford professor, suggest.

Now actually, I have noticed a marked change of behavior in our new Pekingnese, which by the name is an invasion of his cultural privacy.   Maybe he should just be referred to as Ethnic Companion.  But anyway, as you can see by his expression, he looks a little "down".  Maybe it's because I say to him, "Come here, Spencer and let me PET you".   Is it the word PET something that he is taking in the wrong context?  Maybe he's misconstrued what I've been saying to him.  Maybe he hates the name Spencer. We named him that because he reminded us of one of those wind up dogs you would get at a Spencer Gifts store in the mall.  And that is very insulting to his stature, come to think of it. 

He does look a little depressed (or should I say suffering from Bipolar II disorder?). Either way, I'm practicing right now for when I come home today  and he greets me at the door. It's time to be brought up to speed with the political correct crowd.  I should now say  "Come here, height impaired ethnic companion, and let me execute a  tactile stimulation of your lower back fur".

(Although right after that, when he runs outside and proceeds to eat our other dog's poop-I mean EXCREMENT-, it will bring me back to my non-PC life!) 

HAVE YOU EVER HEARD OF ANYTHING MORE LUDICROUS IN YOUR ENTIRE LIFE? In fact, even Spencer thinks it's ridiculous.  When I read him the story, even HE cracked up!