People are sending out resumes right, left and center around here and elsewhere.  I found three things that you should NEVER do if you are sending out resumes.  Just trying to help, folks

According to, the look of your resume is very crucial.  Here are a few no-nos.

1. Don't use "nubbly beige or stone grey resume paper" .  Also don't use any special kind of paper.  Use plain white bond paper.  I guess it's too old school.


2. Don't start with "Dear Sir or Madam" .  You sound just as old as you would look if you used beige paper.  "To Whom It May Concern" ?   Nope.  Too impersonal.  Try to get a name to address it to.  They will pay closer attention

3. Don't go begging in your resume, saying things like "here's why you should hire me".  That won't convince anyone of anything.

Good luck in your job searches.  I know times are still pretty rough out there.  I hope this helps.  Speaking of jobs - are there any kids' jobs available out there?  We could use those two.  See Jake Thomas' blog for more.