This summer, many high school teenagers in the Albany area and college students returning home will be looking for jobs. Do you own a business? Will you have jobs for these kids available?Right now, with the area employment situation, it is hard enough for adults to find work, so a lot of these kids that want to work hard are wondering if there will be jobs for them this summer. The Great Escape in Lake George always hires a lot of kids for the summer. Supermarkets in the area, as well as retail stores in the Albany area, hire a lot of teens for the summer as well. I know that a lot of these kids are going to be looking a little longer than they have in the past due to the fact that some adults have had to take these jobs because of the rough economy and job market.

If you are a business owner and will be looking to hire some teenagers this summer to help you out, let us know so we can help get the word out and maybe save them some gas money on their summer job search.