Sitting out on the patio enjoying some good food, good company and warm weather is one of my favorite things.

Thankfully, it's already started...slowly. Mother nature is still trying to figure out what season she really wants to be in, but I have already sat out on one patio and can't wait for more of it! Here are my top 5 restaurant patios around the Capital Region:

  1. Peddlers - Located in Clifton Park, I've already been there to enjoy it so far this season. Okay, that's sort of a lie only because I wasn't actually ON the patio, just the closest to it with a wide open window, but let me tell you it was an amazing way to enjoy the random 80* degree day.
  2. Rafferty's - Located in Latham, this is a favorite spot for sure. I used to work down the street from this restaurant and it would be the spot to go after work or for work lunches/dinners. Their patio is a perfect size and while next to a heavily trafficked road, you'd never know by it's peaceful setting.
  3. Hattie's - You'll find this spot in Saratoga and you'll never want to leave. First of all, the chicken is the best you'll find but then diving into the atmosphere, in this quaint little venue, everyone becomes friends and the laughs are never ending.
  4. Gaffneys - Also located in Saratoga and in the heart of the entertainment of the area. Whether you're enjoying a quiet lunch in the sunshine or a band playing you through dinner and drinks, it's a good time to be had.
  5. Juniors - Off Madison in Albany, Juniors isn't your typical patio. Their windows/doors open up during the nice weather months and their inside becomes outside. That warm breeze making it's way through the college bar, wafting the smell of the most perfect of chicken wings - yum!

Do you have a favorite that didn't make my list? Let me know: