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What Capital Region Thing Would Be Most Fun ‘In The Nude’? (Poll)
Saturday, July 14th is International Nude Day. A holiday celebrated all over the world where it's customary for people remove all of their clothing. This is done not only for the freedom it provides but also to celebrate the beauty of the human body and to embrace naturism. How and where you decide …
Can You Help? Citywide Food Drive Happening Now
When we think of donating food to our community food banks, it's usually around Thanksgiving or the holidays. There is one city in the Capital Region that every year at this time, they do a big push for donations. Here's how you can help.
Where’s The Best 4th Of July Fireworks Show In The 518?
If you've ever been down to the Empire State Plaza in Albany on the 4th of July to watch the fireworks, you know it's quite an experience.  Either you make it an annual tradition to brave the tens of thousands of people or you want absolutely nothing to do with it. There's very little in between.  T…
Brace Yourself For Insane Heatwave Headed Our Way
Get ready to see a ridiculous amount of social media posts showing 117° degree temperatures on your backyard thermostat, dogs slobbering all over an ice cream cone, and sweat stains on the car seats cuz it's gonna be a scorcher, and NOT just for a few days! This check on the elderly, massive swamp-b…
Wild Plant Could Cause Severe Burns [PIC]
There is a wild plant that grows in the area that is very dangerous to the human touch. The Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) is warning hikers to be aware and what to do if you encounter it.

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