Free Ice Cream Cone On March 20th
Just in time for spring, this major ice cream chain is offering free cones. Plus the money raised in donations that day is going to a charity that helps children.
This Is My Favorite Part Of Spring… [PHOTO]
The winter is depressing, lets be serious about that. For months and months and months, it's just cold and gloomy and blah. I need sunshine to smile and feel good. Anyone does, really. So, I'm so very glad that it's been better and better as the days go on.
There are plenty of things t…
Best Driving Roads in The Area
Spring has sprung and back road driving time is officially here. What are some of your favorite roads to cruise on? Here are some of mine.
Jumpin’ Jack’s Opens TODAY – Who Is Going?
This is it, this is everything for a whole lot of people in the Capital Region, Jumpin' Jack's in Scotia opens today. The best part is it is supposed to be a beautiful warm spring day. I have to think if I wasn't working on the air this morning I would be getting in the car right now …

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