I have to admit I didn't catch the Country Music Awards (CMAs) in its entirety and was pretty bummed.  However, I must say that the large portion I did see, there were many beautiful country music artists decked out some pretty outstanding and fashionable attire. Compared to even 10-years ago, I think we would see a big difference in how the show is run, the people winning them of course and what are wearing.

Carrie Underwood co-hosted the show for her fourth year in a row along with Brad Paisley.  I think I enjoyed seeing all the different dresses Carrie came out wearing, the most.  But would have to say, some of them were a little too over the top.

Here is of course Carrie arriving on the red carpet to kick off the night.  The singer always looks stunning in gold and this floor length gown was the perfect route to take for her arrival.  Sequin dresses are a huge must for this season, especially for evening attire and the holidays.

I'm not positive what was going on with this dress choice.  Not a fan at all of the rough piece of material draping from Carrie's right thigh.  Not a good look for anyone, let alone Carrie Underwood.  Hopefully she didn't wear this dress too long.

As much as this outfit says nothing about country, I dig this outfit quite a bit.  The shoes are stellar and the dress is incredibly unique.  The white accent on the shoes ties them into the dress very well and the asymmetrical lines of the dress make it very unusual and fabulous!  This is definitely in my top three!

Though not a great dress for the fall or winter, this dress is very beautiful.  Carrie always looks pretty in pink (not that she looks bad in any color).  Despite her height of 5'4", Carrie is able to pull off the long gown just as well as the short, cocktail dresses --  in my opinion.  Many times, us vertically challenged women don't think long dresses look as good, but Carrie wears both types very nicely.

This dress didn't do much for me.  Carrie has a great physique, but I just think this dress did nothing.  The neckline looked to high and the bottom looked to tight.  Just sayin'.

Glad to see Carrie got dual-usage out of those fabulous shoes.  Despite not being a short or long gown, this is quite the Britney Spears look, I would have to say.  While I think Carrie looks exceptionally cute in a hat, I'm not sure if I really like this outfit, for an award show presenter.  I think it for a Janet Jackson or Madonna music video, but not for our CMA co-host.

Stunning!  Absolutely stunning!  What a refreshing color on Carrie and the plunging neckline of the dress is breathtaking. This is another dress of Carrie's wardrobe change that is in my top three.

And last, but not least.  This is my definite fave of the night!  Even Carrie's earrings go perfectly with this dress.  The hemline has some sort of fringe or chain dangling and the earrings pair nicely with the same idea in mind.  Carrie looks great in black and this modern, yet simple cocktail dress looks stunning!