Garth Brooks Opener And AGT Finalist Arrested
This was quite the shocker.  A top five contestant featured prominently on America's Got Talent who recently was asked by Garth Brooks to perform at Garth's Notre Dame show on October 20th, was arrested on Thursday and charged with felony domestic violence.
Local News Icon Retiring After 30 Years
TV news anchor Elisa Streeter has spent 30 years on the air and in our homes at News 10 ABC.  When she announced recently that she's set to retire at the end of the year, I was happy for her, but sad for us.  Streeter is a personal favorite of mine, and surely will be missed.
American Idol Auditions This Weekend In NY
If you think you have what it takes to be the next American Idol, this weekend could put you on the right track. American Idol is holding auditions this weekend and it's the only stop in New York state.
Free Disney Magic For Your Kids At Bedtime
We could all use a little bit of help when it comes to putting our kids to bed. Well Disney may be making a little easier. There's a call your kids can make to their favorite Disney characters for free.
Hear Call That Sparked Heated Parenting Debate On GNA
​The video game Fortnite has become the latest gaming sensation and many households are having a hard time controlling the amount of time their spouses or children are playing .  It's gotten so out of control that some families - in extreme cases - are saying that Fortnite is literally ripping apart…
20/20 To Air Special Report On Thailand Cave Rescue
It's the incrediblly gripping story of the Thailand cave rescue that has many of us on the edge of seats as details unfolded about the dangerous and heroic recue of the Thai youth soccer team and it's coach.  One by one as the players were rescued,  euphoria set it.  However, many questions arose ab…

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