Win A $30,000 Wedding – 2011 Bridal Party Survivor
How much do you love your bride and groom? Do you think you can survive against other bridal parties to win the ultimate wedding giveaway? After the jump enter your bridal party! Six bridal parties will compete Thanksgiving weekend to win the grand prize wedding worth over $30,000 including the r…
Sassy Flower Girl Shushes Pastor [VIDEO]
For the second time this month, we have video of a flower girl going rogue. Last time, it was the wedding party’s youngest member picking up the flowers after the other flower girl dropped them.
In this latest incident, a flower girl puts her finger to her lips and starts shushing as …
Top 10 Mother Son Wedding Dances
After a Bride and Groom book me to DJ their wedding reception, they often ask for song suggestions for their special dances.  If you're ready to plan your big day, take a moment to listen to these great songs for the Groom and Mom dance.
Top 10 First Dance Country Wedding Songs
In addition to producing a radio show and hosting some of the Capital Region's biggest Country Dance events, I also find time to serve as a Wedding DJ.  Every year I host several weddings in the Northeast, and although I always play a mix of all styles of music at every reception, the brid…
Why Family Matters So Much
My brother Stephen got married over the weekend and as with any wedding it was a pretty joyous event - but most of all I was so proud to see my kid brother get married. If any two people should be married, it’s him and his now wife Meredith. They have a beautiful child and  I am…
Older Brides — What Does It Mean?
According to the Census Bureau Wednesday, almost half of women between the ages of 25 and 29 have never been married, which is apparently up about a quarter when compared to the same age group, 25 years ago.
Proposal at Movie Theater Well Done
Every girl hopes that some day when she is finally proposed to (hopefully by the guy she wants to marry), the proposal is original, well planned, and well done.  Of course, no matter what, if it's the guy she wants to spends the rest of life with, she is going to say "yes"…
People Who Impersonate The British Royal Family
There have been many people who have made a great deal of coin impersonating the rich and famous.  (Just take a drive to Las Vegas and count the Elvises! )  Need any more proof?  Well here's a new one for you-people that are dead ringers for the Royal Family!
LeAnn Rimes Marries Eddie Cibrian
LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian made it official over the weekend with a private wedding ceremony at a friend's home in Los Angeles, California.

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