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My Emotions Can’t Handle Must See TV
NBC announced that they will be bringing back "Must See TV" this fall. That's great and all, but they obviously didn't think about the rest of us that watch multiple shows on different networks.
What To Binge Watch Through the Winter Hiatus [ADD YOUR SUGGESTIONS]
My name is Marissa and I've admitted prior that I am a binge-aholic.
This is not a joking matter and is completely serious. I'm not saying it's a problem. In fact, while it may deter my personal growth in social settings, it has allowed me to expand in my knowledge of pop culture so wh…
Thoughts Had While Currently Binge Watching: Game of Thrones
I thought this might be a good thing to start since I "binge watch" so frequently. Notice I'm okay admitting this because I don't feel like this is looked down upon these days. We all find ourselves doing it, don't we? A television show pops up on Netflix, you rememb…
Block Charlie Sheen From Your Web Browser Forever
There's been a little bit of a lull in the action with Charlie.  It was getting totally ridiculous for awhile there, I'm sure you'll admit. I was getting 2 and 1/2 spam messages a second!!   In fact, all of the media coverage was making me as crazy as....Charlie!!!  No offense to the guy, but "…