Lord knows we could all use a little chuckling these days.  If a hurricane or an earthquake doesn't get you, the 24 hour depressing news reports will!  At some point you have to force yourself to laugh.  It's very good for your heart.  Very good!


I'm not exaggerating here. According to the DailyMail.com they did research on this subject.   It's pretty astounding what they discovered:

Researchers showed bits of funny movies one day and the opening scenes ofSaving Private Ryan another day. When subjects viewed the comedies, the lining of their blood vessels expanded.

Maybe I'm not crazy then.  I always find that I'm actually MORE stressed out after I leave a violent horror or war movie than when I went into the theatre.  What kind of entertainment is that?

So to help your heart muscles this morning , I thought I'd give you something to forget about that nasty Irene woman!   This is called "The Disappearing Car", provided by "Just For Laughs TV".  It's just good old fashioned slapstick humor.  So turn this on, and let the giggling begin!


What is your favorite comedy movie?  Would love to know.  Let's compile a whole list and do a laff-a-thon somewhere.  We all need it!