Top 5 Things You Never Knew About Zac Brown
Have you been listening to our fine station lately?  Zac is back!  He's coming to SPAC on September 6th.  If you haven't seen his show, you're missing something amazing.  I like the guy so much, I did some extra reading about him. Here's 5 surprising things I …
Scotty McCreery: Fact Or Crap?
He's coming to Countryfest 2014 - did you know that? And he's not alone! But how much do you REALLY know about him? Let's play  "Fact or Crap." I will tell you the answers tomorrow on the Sean and Richie Show between 8:30 and 8:45 a.m.
Today’s ‘Super 7′ Trivia – How Many Can You Answer?
Every Monday morning in the 7 a.m. hour on "The Sean and Richie Show," we feature the Super 7. It's a simple concept: we ask seven trivia questions in various categories and you, as a group, have until the hour is up to get them all right. We have beaten you guys though the la…
Autographed Lawrence Taylor Football Up For Grabs At Bobby T’s
This Tuesday June 4th come to Bobby T's Sports Grill and try to defeat me in my very special version of trivia, "Levack's View From the Couch Trivia". It's all about the sports, beer, sandwiches and other life essentials. This is your chance to take home an autograph…

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