Every Monday morning in the 7 a.m. hour on "The Sean and Richie Show," we feature the Super 7. It's a simple concept: we ask seven trivia questions in various categories and you, as a group, have until the hour is up to get them all right. We have beaten you guys though the last few weeks, but perhaps it's only because YOU were not tuned in this morning.

If you did, by chance, miss the "Super 7" today here is another chance for you to show the world how smart you are. I will give you the seven questions and you see how well you would have done. Really, if you can get just a few in a row you could really help move the contest along this coming Monday so make sure you listen and call in!

Good luck!

1. Common Sense: What is the date today?

2.Country Music: Which country music super star is married to Faith Hill?

3. Current Events: What city hosted one of the biggest marathons in the country yesterday?

4. Sports: What N.F.L. quarterback tied an N.F.L. record throwing seven touchdowns in one game this weekend?

5. Science: Not including humans, what is the deadliest creature on the planet?

6. Celebrities: This actress from "Happy Days" recently made the list of former stars that became homeless.

7. Politics: Who was Mitt Romney's runningmate in the 2012 presidential election?

Ok, now lets see how you did: