Here we go - I'll throw out a fact and you tell me who I'm talking about-  Eddie Montgomery or Troy Gentry.  (It's all to get you in the mood for Countryfest 2014)  Here we go!   Sorry - no prizes here.  Just for fun!)

(the answers are below the photo - NO CHEATING!!!)


1. One of them played the drums in his family's band.

2. Is it Eddie or Troy who's brother will also be playing at Countryfest?

3. One of these guys got in a little hot water over a tame black bear once, but we won't hold it against him

4. Who was the marketing major in college?

5. Which one hails from Kentucky?


Montgomery Gentry performing




1. Eddie Montgomery

2. Eddie again! John Michael Montgomery will also be there

3. Gentry

4. Gentry

5. Fooled ya!  Both Montgomery AND Gentry!

Can't wait to see the boys again.  How about you?  Get your tickets!!!