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Trump’s SOTU Provided A Powerful Moment I’ll Never Forget(VIDEO)
Love him or hate him, last night's State of the Union Address by President Trump delivered moments that reminded me how great America can be, and how great it really is.  One moment in particluar stood out, and I don't care what side of the political ledger you're on, if the incr…
Meet the Guy Who Wrote Tonight’s State of the Union Address
He's only 33!  Director of Speechwriting Cody Keenan has battled long nights with "energy cookies" and a Keurig, and tonight, we'll all see if it was worth it!
The SOTU is said to be mainly about the economy, the challenge of income inequality, his health care overhau…
Obama on YouTube
In case you, in fact, caught the State of the Union speech the other night, you'll be glad to know that President Obama will be following up his speech in an interview on YouTube today.
State of The Union 2011
President Obama just completed his state of the union address, as mandated by the constitution. This year was far less political than previous years and even inspiring at some points. Here are some shots from tonight's speech.
State of The Union Tonight
Unlike a good football game when it comes to the State of the Union Address by President Obama tonight I don't need to give you a channel to watch. It is on all of them.