In case you, in fact, caught the State of the Union speech the other night, you'll be glad to know that President Obama will be following up his speech in an interview on YouTube today.  The President's appearance is set for 2:30pm Eastern time, and he is expected to answer questions submitted by anyone viewing the stream. 

According to the White House, the event is designed to let top administration officials talk directly with Americans about administration policies, especially those outlined in Tuesday's address.

Unfortunately, being the terrible citizen that I am, I missed the State of the Union and therefore, would actually have to find the speech in its entirety to know if I had any questions.  But from what I have heard about Obama's address, there was a lot of discrepancies.  No just in the promises he made, but in the clarity of how he was going to follow through with those promises. 

I guess if I were you or one of the many that caught Tuesday's speech, I would take the time to participate in this opportunity.  I mean, it's not every day you get to chat with the President or a member of the presidential administration. 

A similar event already took place after Tuesday night's speech.  A panel of White House officials answered questions submitted on Facebook, via Tweeter and a live audience of young adults.