Weight Loss Doesn’t Always Require the Gym
Losing weight seems to take so much longer than gaining it, doesn’t it?  Becoming healthier and getting in enough exercise takes effort and work, but you don’t have to become a superhero to make it happen.  A few small lifestyle changes are all you really ne…
Should Young Girls Be Allowed To Exercise On A Pole?
Wow, we stumbled on quite the topic today. Last night my wife was telling me about an episode of "Anderson Live". In it they discussed whether letting young girls take an exercise class involving a pole is exploitative. Some people believe that it is just opening a door, or giving a girl a…
Adirondack Extreme – A Great Way To Spend A Day Outdoors
Last weekend I grabbed two friends and headed to Adirondack Extreme. If you've never been or aren't sure what it is, the best way to find out is by going. If you love the outdoors and having fun, then you need to be familiar with this awesome course.
Exercises For Lazy People Like Me!
In honor of the upcoming Health and Beauty Expo (information right here), I have decided to try to make a change from my former self- the person always looking for the easy way out when it comes to exercising.  These are the exercises that I do now
Reebok to Pay for Misleading Toning Sneakers
It is ironic -- I could have told you those toning sneakers were a gimmick, but apparently it takes a lawsuit and the Federal Trade Commission for people to believe that simply wearing sneakers will tone you legs and gluteals without having to workout necessarily.  Hello!?

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