Here are the questions and answers for this morning’s edition of the Super 7!

To play next week, just give us a call in the 7 o’clock hour on Monday morning!  This morning our winner scored a WGNA Prize Pack!

1. What holiday falls on December 25 every year?

a - christmas

2. Andrea Bocelli is 56 today - what style music does he perform?
A - opera

3.  152 years ago . . . In 1862, the  preliminary EMANCIPATION PROCLAMATION was issued, declaring that all slaves in rebel states should be FREE as of January 1st, 1863. which president issued it?
a - abraham lincoln

4.  Kate Hudson said in a  recent interview that she and her mom are both clairvoyant - who is Kate's famous mom?
a - Goldie Hawn 

5.  MAMA JUNE and SUGAR BEAR from "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" have broken up . . . supposedly because Sugar Bear was cheating, and had a profile on the online dating site What network is the show on?
a- TLC

6.  29 years ago . . . In 1985, the first FARM AID concert was put on.  What braided country singer was one of the founding organizers?
a - willie nelson (bon jovi played the first one, they were unknown at the time)

7.  If the Statue of Liberty was melted down and sold for scrap, it would only be worth about $225,000. What type of metal is it made out of?
a - copper
Rachel Murray, Getty Images