WGNA Secret Star Jam favorite, Jerrod Niemann and his longtime girlfriend, Morgan Petek, are officially engaged and planning a wedding for 2014!

Jerrod has actually been kinda keeping it a secret for a while.  Niemann actually proposed late last year in New Orleans!  He said about the city... “It’s a city that has a lot of culture and ain’t scared to have a lot of fun,” he says, explaining that their relationship is reminiscent of New Orleans itself. “So, she has the culture. I have the fun. So, we kind of feel like New Orleans together.”

I just learned that Jerrod's hit song "What Do You Want" was actually written about his sometimes turbulent relationship with Morgan.  But, don't worry, they have obviously worked it all out and are stronger than ever!

Niemann and Morgan plan to tie the knot sometime in 2014.

Jerrod's new album, ‘High Noon,’ will street March 25.

Here are a couple of my fav Jerrod Niemann songs -

What Do You Want (Jerrod, obviously you know what she wants!)

Lover, Lover (He sings all the vocal parts to this song himself!)

Only God Could Love You More (Makes me cry, every time.)