Country Star Shares Terrifying Moment Playing The Troops
We had the pleasure of spending a good amount of time with Rodney Atkins, a true-blue country music star on Wednesday night just moment before he took the stage at our Jingle Jam show in Troy.  While discussing playing and performing for our troops in Afghanistan, Atkins talked about a terrifyi…
Country-Rockstar Pays Off 81K In Walmart Layaway
Just 3 few months ago, this artist rocked SPAC with a memorable night of high powered vocals and enough musical talent to be a 10 man-band. The other day, he played Santa Claus - not instruments- and did something for Nashville residents that they too, will never forget.
LOVE COWBOY: Offers Hard Advice For The Easily Offended (AUDIO)
What kind of advice did the Love Cowboy have for a listener who claims her boyfriend is easily offended and perhaps a little too politically correct?  Well, let's just say he didn't pull any punches about their relationship and even had a few choice words on behalf of the latest &apos…

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