This is one of the hardest things I think I've ever tried to do. There are so many many good songs to choose from. Some of them I just love because they take me back to being a kid, others I find funny and creative and still others are just plain fun to sing.  I'm sure you will have favorites that I didn't list here and to be honest, I probably could have argued with myself until Christmas day trying to narrow mine down to five, but I went with the ones that first came to mind. With all that in mind please understand that I was not even about to try to rank these. SO let's take a look at my top five in no particular order.

The Grinch Song : This is a given right?

Put One Foot In Front On The Other : I so loved the movie "Santa Claus is coming to town" Who would have thought claymation could be so timeless. This one is fun to sing, and even as a kid I think I understood the great message! This was the only version I could find, I'm sure it will take you back.

Heat Miser - Snow Miser : Love this one! It's from "The year without a Santa Claus". These brothers took sibling rivalry to a new level. Heat Miser was my favorite though.

The Lonely Jew : This one from Southpark still makes me laugh. I remember as a kid wondering what it was like for the kids who had different holidays, even then I realized that "Christmas" was the commercial favorite. In this song we get a glimpse at how one kid felt, left out a bit. It's funny and in a way a little sad.

Linus- The True Meaning of Christmas : This one isn't even a song but I just don't know how I could do a list like this and not include it. Who doesn't love this, and be honest, who doesn't want to get the sad little sickly Christmas tree just because Charlie Brown did?

Merry Christmas.