Whiskey City, a great band out of Massachusetts that played at Countryfest with us over this past Summer and band member Randy Cormier were so shocked by the tragedies at the Sandy Hook elementary school in Newtown, CT that he did what musicians do. He wrote a song from the heart.I received it earlier today and listened to it, and it brought tears to my eyes. The song that Randy wrote and Whiskey City recorded is titled "Christmas in Heaven". Please give it a listen here. They want to do something very positive with this song, and are going to be selling CD copies of it and sending all funds generated directly to a memorial fund already established Newton, CT for the families of the victims. Randy also said that this song is dedicated in their memory.

Thanks Randy and Whiskey City, it is a beautiful song and a great thing you are doing and we're happy to help you get the music and the word out at 'GNA.