The Occupy Albany movement has been somewhat on the quiet side, since they were evicted from Academy Park in Albany, but they were back Monday night at 7 p.m..

This time it was inside an Albany Hotel, where the Business Council Of New York was having their annual legislators reception.

From a story on CBS 6 Albany, the demonstrators came in through a back door and started their protest outside the banquet hall where the reception was being held. The hotel staff took immediate action and escorted the protestors outside. Their issue about this fundraising event was the cost - $1,500 dollars per person.

One of the protestors was claiming that they are not here for the families that live in New York, and are against the millionaire’s tax. When the reception was halfway over, the protestors eventually left the area. I wonder if these people will ever give up. I guess that’s what is called the freedom of speech.