I have heard so many times that a building will need to be torn down because a new one needs to be built.

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It can’t be used for anything else but what the previous owner had the building for. That is unless that building was in really bad shape and needed to be torn down.

In a story from the Times Union, the building that will be repurposed will be at 111 Liberty Street in Schenectady - The former MVP Health Care building. It’s been empty since 2002, when MVP Health Care moved into a brand new building on State Street.

The plan is to convert the building into 30 upscale apartments, and a fitness area on the ground floor. Also in the plans, is to renovate a parking area for tenants of the building. That will be on lower State Street, near the building. It sounds like it’s all part of the process to revitalize downtown Schenectady, which has been ongoing for awhile.