Another New Addition to Crossgates Mall
It seems like every week or so there's a new announcement about one of the malls in this area adding something new. There have been new stores, new restaurants but Crossgates Mall isn't stopping there and it's groundbreaking!
Cohoes Bridge Construction: Why Every Weekend?
I live on the Cohoes side of the Cohoes Waterford Bridge and I understand that it needs to be replaced. I don't understand, however, why they have to shut down the entire area for every weekend in July.
An Albany Sinkhole That Just Won’t Go Away
If you have to venture through downtown Albany at any point, especially in the area of Madison Avenue and New Scotland, you're probably having the same feelings I have been: "When is this sinkhole gonna be fixed!?!"
Albany Airport Gets Own Exit off Northway
The state budget agreement has gone through for 2016-2017 and it's happening. Govenor Andrew M. Cuomo announced earlier this month the focal points of the budget agreement and it includes
They’re Widening The Rexford Bridge. Yay!
I have a publication that I read often.  Yes, it's an actual newspaper.  Ever heard of it?  It's made of deceased trees.  But seriously, they had a great article about an expansion project that will make everyone in the Niskayuna area jump for joy.

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