Local Organizations Where You Can Support Veterans
Veterans Day was yesterday and though they deserve the attention they get on that one day, they should have more. If you're looking to continue to help and appreciate the Veterans, here are some local organizations to look in to.
Schenectady Bakery Closing Doors After 30 Years
There are a few things you don't mess with when it comes to Schenectady and one of those things is the quality of our Italian food. Sad news, though, we're going to have one less great Italian landmark this week.
Schenectady Mayor: Halloween Ends At 8
While there may not be an official 'last call' for trick-or-treaters on Wednesday night in the city of Schenectady, they did recently announce their proposed Halloween 'hours of operation'.  In fact, Mayor Gary McCcarthy has told residents when they need to turn off the…
Midland Shares Their Secret Naughty Disney Knowledge [VIDEO]
Secret Star has to be one of my favorite concerts of the year. A sold out show where you have no idea who is going to be there. Well, while you were still guessing, I was backstage with one of the acts and learned how much they knew about Disney movies.

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