I'm now convinced. Eventually everything you were taught as a kid will be challenged, refuted and debunked.  Here's yet another "thing"

I was always taught in driver education  that you should hold your hands tightly at ten (meaning 10 o'clock) and two (two o'clock) on the steering wheel so you always have control.   I was once criticized on the show for even saying that it was a motor vehicle "rule of the road".   I guess I was definitely dating myself (and I'm a lousy date, let me tell you)

According to autos.yahoo.com

The 10 and 2 position, once the common wisdom of driver's ed classes, is dead (or at least it should be) thanks to airbags. The proper position is 9 and 3, while the Italian-esque 8 and 4 is more than acceptable. Don't do those hand-over-hand turns anymore, either.

This makes sense for other reasons as well, come to think of it.  How can you hold your cellphone, coffee cup, iPod. makeup mirror, sandwich, soda, newspaper, or your favorite copy of "Fifty Shades Of Grey" when your hands are doing something stupid like trying to maintain control of your car.  How thoughtless of me!