Interesting Vanity Plates [PHOTO]
Sometimes while I'm driving funny things come up. There are funny billboards, people doing crazy things in their cars, and then there are some very clever and sometimes silly license plates. I found this one while I was in Buffalo over the weekend.
Stewart’s Shops to Get Electric
As Bob Dylan once sang, "the times they are a changin'" and they most certainly are.
As we hit the halfway point of 2017, Stewart's Shops has made the announcement that they will be installing 100 charging stations for electric vehicles.
Best Driving Roads in The Area
Spring has sprung and back road driving time is officially here. What are some of your favorite roads to cruise on? Here are some of mine.
National Lampoon: Lake George Vacation [PHOTO]
From the Ferrari in Ferris Bueller's Day Off to the Delorean in the Back to the Future movies, sometimes a movie has a car in it and sometimes the car is an unspoken character. That's the case with the National Lampoon franchise, but did you know you could find the Wagon Queen right here i…
Gas Prices Are The Lowest In 12 Years
Holiday weekends are usual spike times for gas stations, I mean hey wouldn't you do the same if you were them? Either way though, prices are lower than they have been in recent years.
Market Bistro Latham – Two Cars Start on Fire [Watch]
Yesterday afternoon firefighters responded to a call about a car fire in the parking lot of Market Bistro in Latham.
The fire appeared to engulf and completely destroy two cars parked next to each other in the Route 9 parking lot.
No injuries were reported...
The Voyo Will Make Your Dumb Car Very Smart
You know these "smart cars" that everyone seems to be blabbing about these days?  You know the ones --they have internet built in and can keep track of vehicles systems etc? Well this little gizmo will bring your jalopy right up-to-date.

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