Northway Welcome Center For Travelers And Pets
If you have ever traveled up to the Adirondacks on the Northway, you know that there are few rest areas to stop at. Well now a brand new welcome center has opened and it's not only for people, it's for pets too.
Over 200,000 Cars And SUVs Recalled
More vehicles are being recalled due to fire hazards. Not only cars but over 200,000 cars and SUVs. Here's what to do if your vehicle is on this recall list.
This Local Woman’s Driving Record Will Blow Your Mind
I don't even know what to say about this one.  I'm shocked, dumbfounded, confused, flabbergasted, astounded, bewildered, and speechless.  A 22-year-old women from Berne is facing a felony charge after Albany County deputies during a DWI investigation discovered she had her license suspended 37 times…
Buckle Up Or Pay Heavy Fines
A huge campaign began on Monday to crack down on drivers and passengers to buckle up. I can't imagine not buckling up whenever I get in the car and now police will be out in full force making sure you do.

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