Is it finally over?  Some love it, some hate it, and plenty of others are completely indifferent.

Bro-Country. One of the most polarizing movements country music has ever seen.

Articles have been written about songs like "Cruise," "Bottoms Up," "This Is How We Roll," "That's My Kinda Night," etc., saying that country is dominated by men singing only about trucks, dirt roads, women in tight jeans, and drinking. But no article has "put the nail in the coffin" more than this one:

R.I.P. Bro-Country (2011-2014)

Read it and let us know what you think.

I know I'm over Bro-Country.  I miss the story songs that make country music great.  I miss that beautiful female voices like Reba, Martina, Faith and Trisha!  I miss listening to music and not feeling objectified.  So, I'm at peace with the passing of Bro-Country.

But I know you may disagree!  Feel free to comment below!

Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images