Thanks for that introduction, digital department! Yes, I will admit that I believe I have created a song that encompasses all of the elements contained in the current crop of "Bro Country" hits blasting out of your speakers lately.  (Hey, you've got to be able to make fun of your own, right?)

With that in mind, here we go. I hope you take it in the spirit in which it was intended- extremely cruel and critical!  LOL.

I wrote the words and music, performed all of the instruments and sang all of the vocals. Why? 'Cuz noone else will work with me!  Lyrics below the song.

   "Bro Country Song"
   ©2014 Richie Phillips  All Rights Reserved
First you start out with a real good beat, talk about a girl cutoff jeans
She gotta be blonde can't be brunette
Throw in a cooler and a big truck bed
It's a must that she's sittin in the shotgun seat
Of a silverado drinkin sweet tea
with the radio cranked down a country road
In a sexy tank top playing George Jones
If you got a melody that's strong
You got yourself a bro country song
Add in a guy with a backwards hat, must wear shades, gotta be jacked
Real tight jeans- can't be fat, neck is red, covered with tats
Park that truck by the river down the hill
Pull out the blanket and the Coleman grill
Crank someHhank break out the Bacardi
Time to get down,  time to do the naughty
With this formula you can't go wrong
If your gonna write a bro country song
Gotta take place in a a little farm town
And your truck needs a big lift kit
Make sure you sing with a country twang
While you chew tobacca chew tobacca chew robacca spit.
Then you've almost got a hit
Before it's over before it's done write in the jug of wine, and real hot sun
It's crucial that you have a car that pulls right up
With the awesome candy apple rag top
Wink at the girl who's listening to Merle
Yell out the window "You Rock My World"
Sit on a log scoping out the frogs and end your last verse talking' bout your  bird dog
You'll be on the charts before too long
With your brand new Bro Country Song
Make sure that in addition
You do some catfishin
Then you've succeeded in your mission
Of writing that bro country song
A Bro Country Song!