Just trying to switch things up a bit here, folks.  For a long time I have been writing about local towns in the Capital Region.  Well, I started running out of towns, to be honest.  So we have a new  feature that we're excited about.

I must admit, I have had a great job all of these years here.  It's hard in it's own way, but face it - it ain't brain surgery.  There's no heavy lifting, and my life isn't in danger in any way.  When I see what some of you do out there, I feel extra lucky.

So we on the Sean and Richie show want to celebrate your profession.  Tell us in detail  what you do to put bread on the table.- name names if you want, but not the name of a specific business. Example:  If you a car mechanic, I will write about that, not WHERE you work (that's an advertisement)

I will then perform MY job description and write a a theme song for you, and we will air it on Thursday.  It will be repeated here on the website as well.

Would you like a sample song?

Now if you do include peoples'  names, I would love photos to put a face to a name!

OK, so here we go - nominate your job below.