All year I've been writing songs with kids.  I've loved every minute of it.  However, I wanted to do something special for the great teachers that I've met along the way, so here' s a little ditty for you folks too! 

Disclaimer:  I couldn't find a lot of pictures!  Almost all of the shots are of the kids and yours truly, so I know I'm missing a lot of you in this slideshow.  If you'd like to send me your mug shots, I will redo this project.  Send them to

Here's your song - a parody of a hot new country hit by Jake Owen called "Beachin''.  (Take 3 guesses what I changed the word "Beachin'" to…" ).

                                                          LYRICS To "Teachin'" 

Lyrics©2014 Richie Phillips  All Rights Reserved (parody of "Beachin'")

So just watchin' her blonde hair, sun burnt, stare at them, white caps rolling over
Laid back in a thrift store beach chair, droppin' limes in a Corona
Well, she looks back, yeah, she throws me a kiss, like "Honey, I sure want you."
And it's a hundred and three between her and me and only 92 in Daytona
Just watching her wipin that sweat from forehead now that the year is over
She can lay back not worrying about the common core scores were lower
She'll be glad she did get a break from the kids even though in a way it's bummer
She loves education but it's time for celebration crack a beer, my dear cuz it's summer
Hearing children whine, all the time
And they're surely not the only ones cryin
There's the impatient administration
community complains that you don't deserve vacation
School board oh my lord you deserve an award to be teachin
Parents blame you for what they don't do
Cuz they're both working yea that may be true
But you get no rest too many tests
Your career is on the line if they don't do they're best
Public has no clue about all that they expect from you when you're teachin
Thanks again to all for what you do.  Hope to see you again in the future!