Most anyone you ask will know the name Chris Economaki.  You don't have to be a race fan to know his name.  That shows the impact Economaki has had.

Economaki passed away on Friday at 91.  He was know as the "Dean of American Motorsports Journalism" and worked in announcing, broadcasting and writing about auto racing since the 1960s.

A New York native, Economaki was instrumental in growing the popularity of NASCAR with his coverage of the sport for CBS, ABC, ESPN and as the editor of the National Speed Sport News for over 60 years.  He was considered by many to be the most authoritative voice in motorsports.

Economaki got started announcing at race tracks when he realized that the announcer at the track made a huge difference in how many racing newspapers would be sold to the crowd on any given night.  So he started announcing races so that he could sell more copies of his paper.

Anyone who has heard any of Economaki's broadcasts remembers his distinctive voice.  For those of us who have ever had the opportunity to announce or write about auto racing owe a debt of gratitude to the "Dean".