I am a huge fan of the CSI televsion shows. Vegas, Miami or New York it doesn't matter, I watch them all. My favorite of the three is Vegas though. It's the original, therefore it's the best.  I am also a fan of Marg Helgenberger who plays CSI Catherine Willows on the show. As I have said in past blogs, I am a fan of lovely ladies.

I am not a fan however of pop sensation Justin Bieber, I guess being a 35 year old man, I am not supposed to "get" the hype around this kid. He's been around for awhile and I've maybe heard one song  from him.

Well, it seems that Marg isn't much of a fan of young Mr. Bieber either (Hey, that rhymed, lol). Not too long ago the pop singer guest starred on a few episodes of CSI and Marg talked about working with him during an interview in France saying that Bieber “was kind of a brat. He was very nice to me. But he locked one of the producers in a closet and he put his fist through a cake that was on the cast’s table.”

Helgenberger also commented on Bieber's acting skills: “Justin Bieber wasn’t ‘bad’ bad,  But he’d never acted before, He’s better than you’d think.”

I am an even bigger fan of Marg Helgenberger now! God Bless that woman!!!