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Watch Bieber All Grown Up and Handsome in Superbowl Ad [Video]
Well, well, well!  How about this guy!  Growing up, looking good, selling stuff!
T-Mobile hired Justin Bieber to star in one of their Super Bowl ads, and he's showing off a new, mature look.
The ad also features Rob Gronkowski and Terrell Owens and a cute, sassy little girl
Justin Bieber: Why We Should Let Him Retire at 19
Justin Bieber was under the influence of alcohol, pot and Xanax when he was arrested for DUI and drag racing last week, according to Miami Beach arrest records.
In fact, it seems the only thing he wasn't under the influence of was a set of decent parents...
Jimmy Fallon Takes Shot At Justin Bieber
Now that court papers have been filed by 20 year old Mariah Yeter that Justin Bieber is her baby daddy it was only a matter of time til the late shows started taking shots. I commend Jimmy Fallon for being creative about it.
CMT Music Awards Coverage And A Rant
CMT held their Music Awards last night in Nashville. I am a big fan of awards shows, so I made sure to check it out. There were lots of great performances such as Big & Rich back together singing their new song "Fake ID", Luke Bryan with a number of pretty women dancing to "Countr…

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