Today is the celebration of Festivus, and among the Festivus traditions is the 'Airing of Grievances.'

It was a tradition started by 'Seinfeld' years ago, and now people actually celebrate Festivus every year on December 23rd. Among the Seinfeld Festivus traditions are a meal, the 'feats of strength' and of course the 'airing of grievances.' Now, I am pretty new to the Capital Region, but I think my grievances as a relative newbie are pretty similar to yours.

1. The Traffic

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I moved here from Maine, where traffic does not exist. Now having lived in NJ growing up, I thought I would readjust. Nope. I still punch my dashboard every morning sitting in the congestion heading into the twin bridges. Apparently everyone in the Capital Region lives in Clifton Park.

2. The Taxes

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Yes, it's a New York thing, not a Capital Region thing, but still worth airing as a Capital Region grievance. It is not cheap to live here, and I feel like the only thing that is not taxed is the oxygen we breathe. (Shh, don't tell anyone. They could catch on and figure out a way to tax air.)

3.The Clouds


Albany is one of America's cloudiest cities.And it wasn't so bad in the summertime, but late fall and early winter have been super cloudy. (December is our cloudiest month of the year.) You'd figure if it is going to be super cold and snowy in the winter, we could at least get a little sun to keep our spirits up. Nope, we lose on both fronts. Pun intended.

4. Could 787 be in a worse location?


Driving up and down 787 along the Hudson in Albany I can only think of one thing: who puts a huge highway right along the river, taking up all those prime waterfront areas? Don't get me wrong, there is still some fun things to be done on the banks of the Hudson and the skyline of the Capital is a sight to behold from a Dutch Apple Cruise. But imagine how much different the city would be if the riverfront consisted of neighborhoods, more restaurants and well, you get my drift.

Ok, my airing of grievances is done. Happy Festivus for the Rest of Us. Back to enjoying the holiday!

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