I have noticed the last few weeks it has been a little dark and gloomy in the Capital Region, and it turns out we live in one of America's cloudiest cities.

Have you noticed it too recently? I mean, we have our cloudy days - but it has seemed extra gloomy of late right? Well, it runs out Albany is one of the cloudiest cities in the nation, and several Upstate New York State cities are near the top of the list.

NYUP.com recently posted an article about this and the upstate NY cities that are among the 25 cloudiest in the nation, this according to the National Centers For Environmental Information.

The NY cities on the list include Albany at #19, Syracuse at #8, Binghamton and Buffalo tied at #12, and Rochester at #15. Mount Washington, NH tops the list. NYUP.com says the rankings are based on '...possible sunshine; that is, how many daylight hours that sunshine isn't blocked by clouds' and we can thank the Great Lakes for all of our clouds.

It also turns out December is the cloudiest month of the year! So soak up the holiday cheer to keep you happy this month. And warmer, sunnier days will be here before you know it.

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