It's a New Year, and I don't know about you, but one of my resolutions is to keep a more positive attitude.  How do you do that? Some say exercise.  That's too much work!  Maybe by eating better?  Now that's more like it! 

It's true.  What you consume can actually change your attitude. For example, have you ever felt just horrible after eating a big bowl of cereal or a bagel in the morning?  Maybe it's the carbs!  According to an article at, if you change your habits, it can help.

For example, they say to eat a omelet-INCLUDING THE YOLK (which cracks me up, because remember all the "yolkaphobia" out there not too long ago?

The article also mentions that you should eat nuts and seeds.

Do you think this is for real?  Would you change up your diet if it put you in a better mood-or do you think it would make you MORE miserable that you couldn't eat what you wanted?   Would love to know! Leave your comments below (if you're in the mood!)

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