Here’s How Many Dates You Should Wait to go All the Way
There's a new survey on when people hit different milestones in their relationships. And, the first milestone people cross is sex.  So I guess waiting for marriage is officially over.
Here's when the average person hits major moments in a new relationship, so you can see how you match …
Are Men Hotter When They Are Holding Dead Fish?
A new study suggests that men do better in the online dating world when they are holding up a fish that they have caught!  Can you imagine?
So we asked our listeners this morning, what is it in a person's photo that makes them more attractive...
The Key to a Happy Marriage is Saying These 2 Words…
I'm totally guilty of just expecting my husband to do things and be there for me, sometimes with very little appreciation.  So, while I'm not sure this study has the absolute answer to lifelong marital bliss, I can totally get where they're coming from!
TV Shows That Turn Women On and Off Like a Remote
This morning we talked about a recent survey that determined which TV shows, when watched right before bed time, turned women on.
Orange is the New Black won the survey - turning on more than a 3rd of women in the poll.  How I Met Your Mother came in second and Friends was third...
Funny Girls Aren’t Hot, According to a New Study
Chicks totally love a funny guy, we know that!  But now, science has proven it!
According to the University of Kansas, the funnier the guy, the more likely he'll end up in a physical relationship with a woman.
Here's the catch... according to that study, when women are funny, it didn&ap…
Can a Man and a Woman Be ‘Just Friends’
Wondering if your man is running around on you with that chick that's "just his friend"???
You're probably trying to be cool about it, all the while wondering if a man and a woman can really be “just friends”.
Well, lucky for you, science is invo…

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