Topic Roulette: The True Key to Happiness
This morning you voted during topic roulette and you picked my topic! Thanks guys! The topic was.... the true key to happiness in your life!
A new study found that when people participated in nudist activities it made them more satisfied with their bodies and that led to them being more satisfied and…
Is the Weather Affecting Your Mood?
When I took a peak at the forecast for the week on Sunday, I'll admit, I was pretty devastated. The last thing any of us really want to see is a week full of rain and unfortunately
Here’s Why You Should Touch Your Co-Workers More
So maybe you're not into it when Larry from accounting gives you an impromptu shoulder rub at the water cooler... fine, I get it, but there is actually scientific proof that sometimes reaching out and touching your co-workers is a good idea...
The Key to a Happy Marriage is Saying These 2 Words…
I'm totally guilty of just expecting my husband to do things and be there for me, sometimes with very little appreciation.  So, while I'm not sure this study has the absolute answer to lifelong marital bliss, I can totally get where they're coming from!
The Best Time to Get Busy According to Your Age
This morning you may have heard us talking about a new study that found which times of day were best for having sex, depending on your age.
A sleep expert at Oxford University in England found there are different times that work for different generations based on your body's natural rhythms, you…
Funny Girls Aren’t Hot, According to a New Study
Chicks totally love a funny guy, we know that!  But now, science has proven it!
According to the University of Kansas, the funnier the guy, the more likely he'll end up in a physical relationship with a woman.
Here's the catch... according to that study, when women are funny, it didn&ap…

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