If you have to travel on Interstate 890 in Schenectady, use a little extra caution. There have been rocks, tree limbs and pieces of concrete being thrown at some passing vehicles. This usually happens overnight, in the very early in the morning hours. There were several vehicles damaged over the weekend, including a windshield being blown out.

From our friends at CBS 6, the debris is being thrown from both wooded areas alongside 890 between exits 6 and 7 and from overpasses in the same area. Some people whose vehicles that were damaged pulled over, called the Schenectady Police and inspected how bad the damage was, but they didn’t actually see anyone throwing anything.

Schenectady Police want to know if you saw anything. You can call them at 518-382-5245. I don’t know if the person or people that are throwing things at moving cars know that they can actually cause a serious accident or even kill someone.