I think it is so cool that someone has finally decided to make a movie about Dolly Parton's youth and most definitely this song,  "Coat of Many Colors" which was autobiographical. Even as a kid I understood the words and was so impacted by them because I too grew up poor. I don't think that you have to have had a rough childhood however to apprieciate the message and the strength of love and family that is the core of the song and it would seen the movie as well. I am looking forward to seeing it on NBC.


Jennifer Nettles plays Dolly's mom and not only could I barely recognize her it seems she really has some acting chops.  Ricky Schoder plays her dad, and the adorable Alyvia Alyn Lind, plays the young Dolly.  Now maybe the message is too simple for some and maybe some young people today wont understand it or think the whole thing is "hokey" but I guess I hope we all give it a chance because the message is still a true one , perhaps a universal truth and it is perfect for the holiday season,"Coat Of Many Colors" premieres December 10th on NBC.