It comes down to the last week of the season for my beloved Oakland Raiders. I hope they can get into the playoffs, especially since their longtime owner Al Davis died earlier in the season. There are a few scenarios that will allow the Raiders a berth in the NFL Playoffs.

Scenario #1:

If the Raiders beat San Diego this weekend and Kansas City beats the Denver Broncos the Raiders win the AFC West and are in the playoffs.

Scenario #2:

If The Raiders lose to San Diego and the Broncos win the division and the Raiders are pretty much toast.

Scenario 3:

If the Raiders and The Broncos both win, then Denver wins the AFC West and is in the playoffs. However if Baltimore beats Cincinnati and the Houston Texans beat the Tennessee Titans then the Raiders get the last AFC  Wild Card Slot.

I'm just hoping that the Raiders win and Denver loses, that way we AFC Champs and don't have to put our playoff hopes on other teams. Wish the Raiders luck for me this weekend.