Okay well maybe it's not my BIGGEST fear in the world but it is in the sports world. The longer the NFL Lockout continues the more I fear there will be no season. If you're not a fan of the NFL it's hard for you to understand what this means to me. I'll try to explain. Throughout my life sports has always played a huge part. I watched my first football game start to finish sitting next to my dad in 1981 when the underdog Raiders took out the Eagles in Super Bowl XV and I've never lost the love I felt for the game that day.

The escape I feel when I can get together with friends and just enjoy a game is much needed therapy in a otherwise hectic life. When I was a kid nothing was cooler then a Bo Jackson touchdown run or a Tim Brown perfectly ran route ending in 6. In recent history Fantasy Football has become my favorite hobby. Not to mention the last 2 to 3 seasons I have made some AWESOME friends hosting football at Vapor.

The biggest thing I enjoy about the NFL now is I get to share my love of the game with my daughter. She doesn't always get it but she likes to hang with dad, get loud and eat good food. Last year I took her to Buffalo Wild Wings and she wore her "Buffalo Princess" crown with pride and we talked sports. The thought of not having that escape and chance to bond makes me very sad. Check out the commercial and tell me you don't get a little worried it could be a vision of a very boring future.