Some of my proudest moments as a kid was going to work with my dad. He was a mechanic and I KNEW he could fix anything! I was always proud of that. My dad was the guy others called when they couldn't make something work. He would show me around the Niskayuna bus garage and everyone would make a big deal of my visit. One lady always pinched my cheeks. I wasn't really a fan of that. lol

So now that I am a dad my proudest moments are when my daughter is excited to see where I work. Ella joins me from time to time and tells me how funny I am. Even says she's proud of her daddy. So last night she decided she wanted to do her own "View From The Couch". I told her it was all her's providing she came up with at least 3 things she wanted to talk about. "Daddy I want to pick on the stinky Red Sox, talk about the Raiders and I love pizza with bacon". I had two thoughts right away. 1) Why haven't we ordered more pizza with bacon?! 2) She is as smart as she is cute and this was going to be a great Couch. Give it a listen. I couldn't be more proud of my little girl!