There will be tons of yard sales this weekend, I'm sure. The cars and pickups will be lined up in front of houses all over the area, looking for the next great purchase under $5! But there are things you should watch out for! 

Ok, pick on me all you want, but I have the Reader's Digest App!  It's actually one of the best, practical things I've seen on the web.

They had an article about things you shouldn't purchase. Things you'd never think about. I'll give you a few, and then I found this girl online who goes into depth should you desire to pursue this fascinating subject further.

1. Helmets: Not good. You don't know if someone has already fallen with one on, and if so, it compromises its effectiveness.

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2. Car seats: Boy, it's sure tempting to buy one used when you see the price of a new one, but the same warning applies.

Here is the full list, via YouTube:

So as you are traveling through Albany, Schenectady, Troy, Saratoga, Schoharie, West Sand Lake, please stop and think before you pull over and buy.  It may have a $3.50 price tag, but it's not worth your life or someone else's to gamble!

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