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Tick-Borne Disease Confirmed In Capital Region
A rare and sometimes deadly tick borne illness case has been confirmed this week in the Capital Region. You are being urged to be more aware of ticks and use the necessary precautions to prevent being bit by ticks.
Motorist Safety A Concern As Americade Revs Up This Weekend
The 36th annual Americade Motorcycle Rally began on Monday and is expected to reach it's peak this weekend in Lake George.  As many as 200,000 motorists are expected to be in the Capital/Lake George region and safety is always a concern for not only the riders but also for other motorists as well.  …
Capital Region Activities For The Kids This Summer
Can you believe it, June is here! That means in just a few short weeks the kids will be out of school and looking for something to do! Here are some activities in the 518 that should keep them busy and happy (parents happy also) during the summer.
Local Mother’s Day Freebies and Deals
It's time to take care of the most important woman in your life that gave you life. Mother's Day is Sunday and I found a few freebies and deals to make her day special without breaking the bank.
Troy Entrepreneur Helps Women Find The Breast Fit
A recent study determined that as many as 70% of women are either wearing a bra too small, or wearing one with an underwire that doesn't correspond to the shape of the breast. It can be unhealthy, uncomfortable, and waste of money when you buy the wrong one. Plus, who has time to try on every bra in…
Stink Bug Season Could Be Worse Than Last Year
Insects; the often useful yet sometimes gross and pesky critter!  Some are just flat out more annoying than others.  The stink bug is one of them.  These pesky critters were everywhere last spring and summer, and according to experts, they'll be making a comeback this season, per…
Albany To Hold Active Shooter Response Training Monday Night
Would you know what to do if you were confronted by an active shooter? It's the kind of life and death situation we pray that our children or ourselves are never faced with, but the reality is, this horrifying situation is becoming all too common. The City School District of Albany will partner with…
Kidnapping Scam Has Parents Fearing Their Child Is In Real Danger
Imagine answering a call from an unknown phone number and hearing "Daddy, Daddy....please help me!" Followed by the voice of a man who claims to have kidnapped your child, asking for ransom money and threatening injury if you don't follow suit.  The thought alone is enough to send chills u…
Coyote Sighting In My Backyard [PIC]
This is the time of year when coyotes start to look for places to settle down when their pups that will be born in the spring. There have been sightings downstate and now, they have been seen in my own backyard.

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